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is one of the top attic insulation installation contractors in the area.

Benefits of attic insulation include:

  • A more comfortable home – This applies specifically to the second story
  • Increased home market value – Homebuyers value energy efficiency a lot more than they used to
  • A healthier environment – Decreased energy consumption reduces carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions.

Any home in Los Angeles can benefit from more attic insulation, especially homes with air ducts in the attic, asphalt shingle roofing (which doesn’t reflect heat from the sun very well and gets extremely hot) or little to no shading from trees.


About us

Y&S Home Builders is one of the top attic insulation installation contractors in the area. We have several years of experience with removing and installing insulation materials (cellulose and fiberglass) in attics and crawl spaces for both residential and commercial buildings. Y&S Home Builders can help you insulate your attic to keep your energy costs low. Insulating your attic is definitely one of the most beneficial projects you can do for your home and most importantly for yourself. Y&S Home Builders is licensed, bonded and fully insured. Contact us for a free quote, and allow us to be your insulation installer today! We are professionals and will make sure to keep our costumers happy and satisfied.



Why choose us

As a reputable service provider in the industry, we have the expertise and experience necessary to get the job done. Our company consists of a team of insulation installers, project managers, professional roofers and product specialists who works best to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for improve the energy efficiency of your home, improving curb appeal or considering new fiberglass attic insulation, we’ve got you covered.


Pure Indoor Air The air you breathe, even the air inside your home, can become contaminated. Over time, particulate matter can build up in your duct-work, continually recirculating irritants and allergens into your home. Our state-of-the-art cleaning system removes build-up from every part of your air ducts, ensuring a cleaner, healthier air.

Allergen Reduction If you have noticed that your “hay fever” lasts much longer than a week or two in the spring, it may be because there are allergens building up in your air ducts.

Dust, dust mites, mold spores, pet dander, and even dirt can irritate eyes and airways as they are blown around your home. If you have asthma or allergy sufferers in your home, they can find relief after a thorough air duct cleaning.

Less Dust Build up around the House If you find yourself constantly dusting around the house, the source may be your air vents. If too much dust accumulates in your air vents, it will continually get blown out.

More Efficient Duct System or Furnace Your air duct system or furnace works by forcing warm or cool air through your air ducts to control the temperature in your home. If it is forcing its way through too much buildup, it has to work harder. Cleaning out your air ducts can lead to a reduction in energy bills, and a more efficient heating or cooling system.

A Cleaner Home While you do your best to keep up with dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, etc., your efforts may be undermined by the quality of air coming through your vents. A fast, efficient, and professional air duct cleaning can attack and thoroughly remove dirt, dust, and debris that you can’t see.

After your cleaning, you’ll be left with clean air ducts, healthier indoor air, and less dust and dirt circulating through your home.


Never had your air duct system cleaned out before? Here is a rundown of what to expect on the day of your cleaning.
  • Our expert technicians will arrive at your home, and begin by cutting two large access holes into the supply and return lines of your HVAC system. These holes are to accommodate the large vacuum hoses which will be used. Through these holes, small video camera will be passed which can explore the duct system, so you can see the build-up present. A few smaller holes will also be cut into your system to allow further loosening of dirt and debris.
  • Powerful vacuum hoses are attached, and your HVAC system is sealed. When the vacuum is turned on, it pulls all dislodged material out of your air system, and into a collection unit without letting any debris make its way into your home. The vacuum will continue to run throughout the cleaning process, to make sure every last particle is removed.
  • The technicians will cleaning your present covers and air runs. If it is necessary to remove vent covers, we will do so at this time. The vent covers which have been sealed in place can be cleaned as they are, without removal. The technicians will use pressurized air to remove dirt, pet hair, and other debris, and push it all into the main air line where it can be collected by the powerful vacuum.
  • After all debris and particles have been collected into the main trunk line, whips attached to the main air hose will push the last of the contaminants into the main vacuum, so that they can safely be extracted. Through the use of negative airflow, no contaminants will be released into your home, instead they will be collected in a containment unit.
  • A final inspection and resealing of your vent system ensures that the job was done right, and that your system is completely clean.
  • This process ensures that your home’s air ducts are completely and thoroughly cleaned. There will be no leftover dust or mess for you to deal with. You will immediately begin enjoying cleaner air throughout your home.


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